Pronomi personali complemento

Surname __________________________name_____________________ date____________3B


Substitute the underlined words with a pronoun  and complete the sentences using the 2nd conditional


  1. If the teacher _________________(to be drunk) in the class, the headmaster



____________________(get the sac) to the teacher



  1. If he students ___________________(to scream) during the lesson, the teacher



_________________( to punish)


  1. if the teacher _____________________(to scream ) during the lesson, the students


___________________(not to punish) the teacher.


  1. If the teacher _________________________(to smoke) during the lesson, the students



___________________(to tell) it to their parents




  1. If the students ___________________(to smoke) at school, the headmaster


______________________(to punish) the students



  1. if I _________________________(to be) on holiday, I _________________________(to go ) to the


beach with my friends


  1. If I ____________________________(to be) you, I ____________________________(to study)


more for the lesson


8. If I ___________________________(to be) rich, I ______________________________(to buy) a new car



  1. If I ____________________(to have) a driving licence, I ________________________(to drive) to


Paris and visit my cousins who are living there



  1. if I ______________________(to have to study) I ___________________________(not To go out)



to play with my sister