Exercise n 3 (10 min)


Match the words in the list A with the definition in the list B


                A                                                                                            B


1.       To keep lid on something                                        a. to give a violent attack

2.       To broadcast                                                               b. to forbid something officially

3.       To assault (assaulted)                                             c. to go upwards

4.       To ban                                                                         d. to send out programs by radio or television

5.       To shoot (Shootings)                                                e. to keep a secret on something

6.       To rise                                                                         f. to kill or wound a person or an animal with a gun


Exercise n°4 (10 min)

Match the words in the list A with the definitions in the list B


1.       At least                                                                         a. that is why

2.       So                                                                                 b. no longer alive

3.       Tight                                                                             c. coming from another country

4.       Old-fashioned                                                            d. not less then

5.       According to                                                                e. to  fix, to fasten

6.       Account                                                                        f. a report or a description of an event

7.       Foreign                                                                        g. as reported by

8.       Dead                                                                            h. not modern


Exercise n5



Active listening comprehension



Exercise n 6


Answer the following questions


1.       Why did the villagers demonstrate?

2.       What is a power plant?

3.       What does this event recalls?

4.       When did this event happen?

5.       Why didn’t the press inform people?

6.       What did the official press agency  publish?