English activities

The city camp is a period that can last one day or more during which I organize activities for young children and teenagers.
During the city camp children meet and have fun all together while learning English and also topics that they usually study at school. They learn through drama, games and songs. I also make large use of  I work mainly on the group atmosphere, I try to make each person feel to be accepted and to feel confidence in themselves and in relation to the others. Very shy children usually get more relaxed in the group and feel at easy when speaking with the others.
My aim is also to encourage children and teenagers using their creativity and getting them used in working in groups by exchanging ideas and respecting other children points of view.

TEAM GAME is a useful and funny way to teach children collaboration, respect of rules and create good relationship between individuals.

Using DRAMA we practice activities which help children to learn how to work together and create team spirit which prepare them for their working environment in the future. It also helps children to understand their emotions and can help them manage their communication and integrating problems.



I also help them represent myths for example the rape of Proserpina by Pluto, the God of Hell



During the city camp I also make wide use of SONGS. Using the voice in groups help children to relax the muscles of their face. This helps a good and relaxed fluency while speaking. It also helps them to get a good spirit which is necessary for an ever lasting learning.

To help them learn how words are written I usually write the texts of the songs on big posters, and I point to the words so that they can easily follow and sing correctly.

Every city camp finishes with a FINAL SHOW during which parents can see what their children have learned during the week or the day.

and they always bring home something they have made during the Arts & craft activity.

During summer 2013  city camp about London, they have drawn and colored the symbol of the London underground

Children attending the camp is of a miscellaneous age. It goes from 5 to 14.

Teaching a foreign language through songs, drama and games is a natural, funny way to learn a language without making efforts.

The material I use during the camps I organize is always different depending on the topic I choose.
It usually includes a small book but it is only a “tool” to stimulate children's interest in reading and getting information we approached during the city camp
During the activities I let children move a lot, so the place where I usually conduct it must have a very wide open space and in case of rain also a wide room inside a building. The place must have a toilet and a sink, a garden with grass, one chair and one desk for each child and an exercise mat in case I need cool down activities.