activities with very young children (3 to 5 years old)

07.02.2014 18:19

I arrived at school at 9.20 soon after the roll call.

I brought my CD player and I let them listen to a New Age music . I asked them: have you ever been outside in the rain in Summer?  do you like to stay in the rain?  can you remember the sound of the rain? the smell of the rain? its freshness on your skin?
NOW close your eyes and imagine you are aoutside in the rain. Concentrate on its smell and try to feel the freshness on your skin. Listen to its sound and dance at its music.
The children were sitting and they naturally, without my order, crossed their legs and put their hands in the air and their palms towards the sky. For me it was amazingly surprising!!! 
they started moving as if they were dancing..
I went on guiding their emotions and imagination!
Now, listen!!! listen carefully!!! you can hear the sound of water, there is a stream and you put your feet in the water. Now you feel you are very light, you haven't got shoes at your feet, your feet are free and fresh, you move into the water and you become a fish, you are swimming in the water, you can breath becaose you are a little fish swimming in the water. You are swimming with ather fishes, you are playing and happy to stay with the other friends. You swim and swim very fast. you can't feel your weight! 
Now you feel that your arms have become wings and you swim off the water and you go up in the sky because now you have become a butterfly, a colorful butterfly. You fly here and there in the sky. and around you, you can see a lot of other butterflies..yellow butterflies, green butterflies, red butterflies, a RAINBOW of butterflies and you are very happy to fly and play with all your butterfly friends. now you feel you are heavier and heavier and you land on the grass again and you have come back as a child! open your eyes, you are in this room!
then I introduced some verbs referring to habitual actions. I showed them the cards with the photo of the action and I called them out.
Once they have learned the good pronunciation I started this game: I put the cards in circle and I asked in turn to the children to go into the circle. Then I had to call the actions out and the child in the middle had to jump on the right flash card. If the child was right we had to make a noise different from the one we made when he jumped on the wrong one. If the child was wrong he had to leave the centre and give place to another child. When they jumped on the card if they were right we had to make a noice different from the noise we made when he was right. The noises were decided in turn by different children. This way we increase their enthusiasm and they feel more appreciated