Driver's education

Show a photo of  Valentino Rossi, the winner of a lot of moto GP races. He is teenagers' idol.

"Valentinik" is one of his nocknames, has sponsorized a beer, but this was a negative message  for teenagers. So I wanted to let children think out the effect of an advert of this kind and the effect of alcool and drug on driving.

I asked children to create a game inspired to the game ladders and serpents


They took as an example a F1 track and drew 46 boxes. They chose this number because it is Valentino's luky number.

They drew a number and a street sign in each box or a question mark.

they prepared some cards with questions referring the life of Valentino Rossi or the effects of alcool and drug with a question mark on the ather side of the card. 

They also prepare some cards with the answers to the questions written on the other cards

They put them turned on the game board.

The children then decided the rules of the game

To play this game we need one or two dices which are thrown in turn by the players, just like the ladder and serpent game.


the signpost used are small toy cars


We start from the box number 1


If you go in the box with the street signal you have to tell a sentence using the verbs referring to the sign: obbligation, banning or suggestion: must, mustn’t, should, shouldn’t, if the sentence is correct you go ahead one box and throw again your dice untill you miss the question. If you fail, you go back one box and give the turrn to the other team or player.

If you go on a box with a question mark you have to take a card from a pile of cards with this sign on it and answer to the question written on it,  if you guess the answer you get 2 points, if you choose from the other pile of cards where there are the answer to the questions written on the other cards, you have to think and say the question corresponding to the answer written on it, if you ask the righ question you get two points and throw the dice again.


Example, imagine you took a card from the pile with a question mark and on it it is written: which are the effects of alcool on driving? (quali sono gli effetti dell’alcool sulla guida?). you have to answer to it and if you guess you trhow again the dice


other example: if you take a card from the other pile and it says: it reducec vigilance, creates EUPHORIA and RASHNESS while driving, it gives false perception of distance and speed, time of reaction is very slow (riduce la vigilanza, genera euforia, e velocità durante la guida, dà una falsa percezione della distanza e della velocità, tempo di reazione è molto lenta) you have to ask the questione and  if you guess you get two points and the right to throw once more your dice, if you fail you bo back one box and give turn to the other players.


the winner is the team who get the arrival first!


these are the questions on the small cards.

When and where was Valentino Rossi born?

Valentino Rossi was born in Urbino on 16th February 1979

What’s his job?

He is an Italian racing motorcyclist.

He is one of the biggest pilots

Which titles has he won?

he has won world champion titles in four different classes 125 250 500 and motoGP

with which makes did Valentino win?

he won the title in two consecutive years with two different makes HONDA and YAMAHA

which are his nicknames?

his most common nicknames are THE DOCTOR and VALENTINIK

which is his favourite number?

his luky number is 46

how does he usually celebrate his triumphs?

He usually celebrates his triumphs with strange ideas: lap of honour with an inflated doll, a visit in the officers toilets, the high speeding FINE by a false patrol policeman at the MUGELLO and the celebration of the seventh world title in Sepang in 2005 with his fans dressed like the seven dwarfs.


Which are the effects of alcool on driving?

It reduces vigilance, creates EUPHORIA and RASHNESS while driving, it gives false perception of distance and speed and the time of reaction is very slow

Which are the effects of MORPHINE and HEROIN on driving?

slower reflexes and general sensorial defect for at least six hours after consumption, reduce sensitivity to light so that it is difficult to distinguish dark objects

what is the effect of CANNABIS on driving?

By three and six hours after consumption it causes: difficulty to focus, general hypersensitivity.