Tris of planets

through this game children learn the charactestics of the planets in our Solar System.

material: 9  frames of the same size, felt-tip pens, colors, colored papers, 9 small pieces of yellow card board and 9 small pieces of red card boards.

Ask the children to chose a planet and draw and color it on a piece of paper


At the end we will have the drawings of the 9 planets.

Then put them in the frame and arrange them into 3x3 lines
Take a red card board and cut it into 18 small pieces and on each of them write one of the characteristics of a planet.

Do the same with the Yellow card board.

Then divide the group of children in two groups and start the tris game.


Hand out the cards to the two groups and in turn they take a card and answer to the question written on it. If the group knows the answer they can put their card on one of the 9 drawings, if they don’t they pass the turn to the other group. The winner is the team who succeeds in doing tris horizontally, vertically o diagonally.

At the end of the camp children can take home their picture of the planet as a souvenir.