pubblicità delle caramelle per l'alito

Romeo and Juliet


Characters: Romeo, Juliet, jane and Betty, a tramp (barbone), a boucer (buttafuori)

 setting: a party
tramp: (guardandosi attorno) there is a party here! finally I can eat something,
 boucer: go away! it is fobidden to get ii, unless you are invited. (lo prende per la giacca e lo manda fuori)
tramp: once I was a famous singer. Everibody wanted me to sing. I had concerts all over the world. Then I had a soar throat and my carreer finished.

Juliet alla sua amica Jane: look! That boy, that snapper over there!


Jane: wow! He is really handsome!


Juliet: hello! How do you do?


Romeo: how do you do?


Jane: how do you do?


Romeo, Jane, Betty, Juliet: how do you do? (alitando molto forte in faccia a tutti)


Jane a Romeo: buzz away, garlic breath!


Romeo alla sua amica Betty: do I smell garlic?


Betty: take this candy and suck it!


Romeo: Hi! what’s your name?


Juliet: my name’s Juliet, and what’s your name?


Romeo: so, your name is Juliet!


Juliet: what’s wrong?


Romeo: so you’re Juliet. I am Romeo.


Juliet: What are you going to do this evening?
Romeo: let's go to the Carrefour!!!
tramp (uscendo dalla botola del palco: I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them blom for me andyou, and I think to myself "what a wonderful world..." 


a boy (mostrando la scatolina delle caramelle: eat this candy and you will get success!!!!