Rappresentazione del mercato a Guernica 3A

time setting: May 26th  1937

Setting: Market place in Guernica



Repper:Ale  (fishmonger)

Teresina :Gabi (fishmonger)

L. Tarsilla :Ely (customer)

Maria: (tramp)

Lady Mary: Chiara (horse seller)

Barzo: Laura

Sminkiubabbu: Fede

Pinuzzarizz: Diego


Milla: Camilla

Pinco: Sorin









Repper: FISH! FISH FRESH FISH! come here!


Teresina: good morning lady Tarsilla!


Lady Tarsilla: good morning Lady Teresina!


Teresina: How are you?


Tarsilla: I'm fine... even if I'm worrried about my son


Teresina: How can I help you?


Tarsilla: Maybe, you can help me by speaking about something else


Teresina: What would you like to buy?


Lady Mary: I sell very strong frisian horses, they are both useful to work on the land and to ride


Barzo: Great discount!


Sminkiubabbu: Look at my horses! You can choose! you have got a good choice to do.


Pinuzzazizz: we have got different sizes and ages!


Milla: only for 200 pounds!


Sempronio: That God Taxidriver! ( che DIO  t'assista)


Pinco: What do you mean by that?


tutti: WHAT?


Babbu: ciuppa!


Zoe: Hi Gina! How are you?


Gina: Fine thanks, and you? and your brother'


Zoe: They are fine! he is selling horses... he would like to meet you! would you like to meet him?


Vittoria: Hi! I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend.

pigly: hi! my name is Pigly.


Zoe: ah, is he the famous Pigly? Victoria is always speaking about you!


Pigly: ah, well.


Pinco: Hi Zoe, how are you?


Zoe: fine thanks, and you? here is my boyfriend


tutti: hi!


Victoria: AH well, go on. Let's get to know him!


Zoe: Later I will speak to you about him!


Sempronio: excuse me! where is the fish?


Pinco: What?


Sempronio: non Vuot! pieno! tanto accusì my mugliera is incinta.


Pinco: are you pregnant?


tutti ridono


Sempronio: yes, and she vuole the fish!


Vittoria: ah! ok! Fantastic, your wife is pregnant. Beautiful


Sempronio: my mujera è a home che se lo guarda Buttiful


Gina:I'm Gina. Nice to meet you!


Sempronio: io Sempronio


Vittoria: I'm Vittoria




Gina:  I have got news?


Sempronio: sì, Vero Vero


Gina: I'm going to get married..


Zoe: yes, with my brother


Tutti: fantastic! it's wonderful


Sempronio: come quella canzone... what a wonderful world...


VIttoria: When?


Sempronio: invidioso io! sééééé


Gina: I have a dream, and it's coming true!


Vittoria: and I hope mine, too!


Pigly: what?


Vittoria:  Let it be!



Erin: mum, look there! This horse is beautiful. Can you buy me a horse?


Jane: I don’t know… I want to know how much it costs. Hello? this horse is beautiful. How much is it?


Horse seller: yes. This horse is very beautiful and it costs 200 pesetas


Mum: ok, I want to buy it.


Horse seller: thank you so much, you are fantastic, I love you, mum.


Jade: Hi, Barbara, you are beautiful and you are growing up!


Figlia: ah, aunt thank you!


Planes are arriving!


Jade: what’s this noise?  


Barzo: what is that deafning noise?


Milla: look up, over there!


tutti insieme : planes are coming!


Maria: Mind! fascist planes are coming!


Pinco: look up! over there! planes are coming!


Teresina: come on! let's go and let's find a shelter!


Mamma: MIND! Oh my GOD!


Erin: mum what’s happening?


Mum: Erin, my dear, we have no time. We have to run away! QUIIIIIIIIKKKKK! Run run run! As fast as you can! Don’t look backwards!


Jade: it’s a bomb attack! They are making war! We must escape!!!!!!!!!

Mum: Erin fetch my hand and don’t leave it!!!! Follow me!!!!! Let’s find a shelter!!!!!!!!!


Tarsilla: Yes, let's go. QUIIIICKK!







Rappo: finally we have found a shelter!


Pinuzzazizz: where is my daughter? I can't find her?


Milla: look at her! she is on the rubbles!


Barzo: luckly she is sound and safe!


Pinuzzazizz: come here sweet hearh!


Sempronio: Non vi preoccupate!


Sminkiobabbu: maybe those people have found a shelter!


Mary: ahhhhhhhhhhhh! the bomb attack has come to an end! But, unfortunately, all my horses have been killed!


Jane: jane, how are you It is a miracle


Mamma: I’m fine, mum




Crystal: Hello; how are you?


Jane: I’m not very well, and you?


Crystal: that’s all right. Excuse me I’m here to make an interview. Do you want to talk about what happened in Guernica this morning?


Jane: eh! It was an awful experience! I want to forget it.


Crystal: but, what happened?


Jane: This morning I went to the market place with my daughter Barbara, when we heard a big noise. They were bomb. I took my daughter’s hand and we ran away