Rappresentazione mercato di guernica 3 B

Setting: a market place

Characters:greengrocer’s PEPPE (Samuele)

Giuseppina: greengrocer’s (Eleonora)

Anastasia:customer gossipy (Martina)

Genoveffa: customer gossipy (Arianna)

Mara: Mara

Aryana (Aryana)

Federica: Fede

Erika: Erika)

Gloria: (Gloria)

Gian Carlo (Giancarlo) Pilota
Luca (Luca) Pilota

Fabio: (Fabio) Pilota

Andrea (Andrea) Pilota

Roberto (Roberto) Capitano

Time setting 24 april 1937


Peppe: come! Come here and buy my vegetables!


Both of them (entrambi): What????!!


Pina: What are you doing here?


Peppe: I’m selling vegetables! Can’t you see? Are you blind?


Pina: no, You can’t sell vegetables here! I’m doing it myself!


Peppe: this is not your MARKET PLACE! I have paid for it!


Both of them (entrambi): Ladies! Come close to my stall! My vegetables are fresh! They are the freshest vegetables on the market!


Pina: look at my vegetables… they are the freshest on this market place! And my fruits are the juiciest on THIS MARKET PLACE!!!!


Two ladies: stop quarrelling you two!


Genoveffa: (wispering) look! They are always quarrelling!


Anastasia: But, weren’t they married, once?


Genoveffa: yes they were, but they didn’t get on well, so they got divorced!


Anastasia: did they have any children?


Genoveffa: no, fortunately they didn’t


Anastasia: Pina, my dear. You should put your stall farther, so that you don’t meet him and you don’t get nervous you two.


Pina: dear Lady Genoveffa. MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!! I DON’T NEED YOUR



Mara (skipping the rope and singing) London bridge is falling down falling down falling down! London bridge is falling down my fair lady!


Ary: stay close to me! You big disgrace! Don’t go away!


Fede: Look! What a handsome boy!  Who is he?


Erika: he is my brother!


Fede: what’s his name?


Gloria: Don’t look at him! He is my boyfriend! We are going to get married in a few days! How DARE YOU LOOK at him?


Fede: Pardon, there isn’t your name written on his forehead
(they have an argument)
Fede: don't touch my hair
gloria: I don't care about your BBIP hair
Fede: BBBIP don't touch my hair
(everybody): BBBBIP!
Ery:  cool down ladies, please!
Ary: you shouldn't argue in front of children
Mara: mum.. what's the meaning of  Bip and Bip and Bip?
Pilots and capitain
Bob: boys! are you all on the target?
Bringo: are we on Guernica?
Bob: yes, we are!
Luca: yes, good!
Trapa: Luca what's it?
Liuzzi: may be it is a market place.
Bringo: I'm going to through the bombs
Liuzzi: Why now?
Bringo: look! the others are throwing the bombs!!!
Everybody: let's throw the bombs!
break news
Reby: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen... today April 26, 1937  German bombers appeared in the skies over Guernica in the late afternoon and threw bombs on the Spanish market town. Now Guernica is the symbol of the atrocity of war.
A lot of people came this morning to Guernica to do some shopping, when suddenly planes arrived and threw bombs on them. There were hundrends victims and lots of wounded people.
Now we are going to get connected with our reporters on the spot!
Pamy: Good afternoon, I am puzzled now!
This afternoon, here in Guernica, there was a bomb attack! and there are still planes flying in the sky and bombs are still falling on the town.
This is the very first time in the Story that a market place has been used as a target where to throw bobs. 
Before planes used to shoot on military targets, but today they sot on a market place and old people, ladies and children have been killed!
But now, let's hear something from the survivals.
Hello! how do you feel like? Are you ok?
Jey: yes I'm almost ok!
Pamy: (a bomb falls nearby and a splinter gets her heart) oh my  God! My heart!
jey: help! help!
Reby: oh my God! send the advert! please. Our reporter has been deadly wounded! we are very sorry... send the advert!! SEND THE ADVERT!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!