wholesale company

my freinds,We are a large wholesale company doing business of electronic goods such as laptops,digital cameras,camcorders,videos,GPS,mobile phones,mp4,game consoles and many other electronic products, we have a legal agent with lawful business certification.
we have a great deal of customers abroad, our high prestige was built 4years ago.
We can supply high quality products at excellent price.
Welcome to login on our website. 
   Please, contact us when you find something you need:
   our E-mail is ....and MSN is ........Hope new customers and old customers will enjoy doing business with us, your opinions and suggestions are always available. we will always make improvements.
Expect for cooperation!
1. Who sent this e.mail?
2. why was this e.mail sent?
3. what do this company sell?
4. Are the customers only Italian?
5. Do they accept suggestions from ustomers?
6. do you have any electronic goods?
7. do you have the possibility to surf the net?
8. Can you download music from your laptop, in case you have one?