the daydreaming girl

The daydreaming girl


Once upon a time there was a young girl….she was very nice. She had blond hair, a small nose and blue eyes.

Her hair shone at the sun.


She lived in a small house in the forest. In this forest the trees were very tall and full of leaves. And it was comfortable to sit at their shadows.


Under the tree it was chilly… and you could breath fresh air…


Near the small house there was a stream. From the house you could hear the noise of the water flowing into the stream.


Along the stream there were always lots of birds singing and flying all around.


One day she was walking along the stream


The weather was very hot.


The girl took her soaks off and put hes feet in the stream.


The water was clean and fresh and it was very relaxing to walk in its chilly water…


She could feel the water freshness at her feet…


The water was flowing on the small white pebbles.


While she was walking in the stream she heard a nice, relaxing music. She followed the music and arrived  in a place where the water made a little lake.


All around the lake there were a lot of colourful butterflies flying and moving on the water. When the girl arrived all the butterflies went towards her and surrounded her as if they wanted to welcome her.


There were blue butterflies and  yellow ones. But there were also white, green, yellow and orange butterflies.


The girl started dancing and moving around with the butterflies…


She closed her eyes and while she was dancing she suddenly felt that she was flying in the air with all the butterflies and the birds.


After a while she landed on the ground…


The grass on the ground was soft and fresh and she felt so good!!!


The air around her was fresh and she took a long, deep breath!


She opened her eyes and she found herself  sitting on the sofa in her house!