l'aria occupa lo spazio

air occupies  the space


a bottle
a funnel
a straw
some plasticine
some water



put the funnel into the empty bottle
seal up around the top of the bottle with the plasticine
pour the water into the funnel

What can you observe?

the water fills the bottle
the water stops going down into the bottle and fills the funnel

Think about it and fill in the gaps

the water stops going down into the bottle because there is no room into the bottle. It is full of water and of ……………
the water in the funnel is like a cork and doesn’t let the .........to come out of the bottle.


Take the straw and put it in the funnel.

What can you observe?

Now the water starts going down again

Think about what happened

The air gets into the bottle through the straw leaving room for more water

So air fills …………, like any other material objects