Cairoli family

Carlo Cairoli was born in Pavia in 1776, he was a famous doctor. He married twice, on the 20th April 1824 he married Adelaide Bono the daugher of a rich family from Milan. She was 30 years younger than him.  They met when, being affected by nervous desease, she spent some time in the Cairoli house which was used as a hospital. They had five children: Benedetto,  Ernesto, Luigi, Enrico, Giovanni.  
 This monument was unveiled  on 26th may 1899. The artist was Enrico Cassi. 
To the west we can see a high relief representing Lady Adelaide surrounded by her 5 children holding the Italian flag.  On the other sides we can see the representation of three glorious events of the Risorgimento: Ernesto's death in Varese, the entrance of Garibaldi in Palermo together with Benedetto and Enrico, and the Villa Glori event with Enrico dying in his brother's arms Giovanni who had been wounded.

Carlo Cairoli died on 9th April 1849 and was buried in the Sepolcreto Monumento Nazionale di Gropello Cairoli .

In 1848 he was appointed podestà after the expulsion of the Austrians by the Pavia inhabitants. The same year he gave hospitality to G. Garibaldi (we can see a memorial tablet on the wall of the house where he lived). The house is opposite the Visconteo Castle.
Benedetto Cairoli (Pavia 1825-1889) was a student of law. He participated to the first and the second war of independence, during which his brother Ernesto died. 
During the spedizione dei mille, he was officer in the 7th company, mainly formed by students of the Pavia University.
during that expedition his brother Luigi died and he had one of his knees wounded.