la battaglia di Pavia

In Pavia years ago…

“Francesco I king of France  on this land on 24th February 1525 fell prisoner of the Spainish army.

There is a writing on the outside wall of Cascina Repentita, where tradition says the pavesan soup was served to the captured king, that reminds us the battle of Pavia. The defeated French army and the captured king Francesco I made this battle the most memorable event of the long war between France and Spain to rule Italy.
To keep alive the memory of this important event some years ago was founded the association "il Parco Vecchio". Mr Luigi Casali is the president of this association. He is an expert in military history and an expert of the battaglia di Pavia. The association has different goals: to study and get documents concerning the history of the Parco Visconteo and the battaglia di Pavia and to preserve the important historical, cultural, artistic and environmental heritage referring to the Park and the battle of Pavia.


1.      where can you find the writing about the battle of Pavia?

2.      What does it remind us?

3.      Which nation was fighting against France?

4.       Which dish was served to the captured king?

5.      Who founded the association “il Parco Vecchio”?

6.      Why was the association founded?