Charles Dickens

  1. Who was Charles Dickens?         Charles Dickens was one of Britain’s most famous writers
  2. What did he write?        He wrote stories about life in London where he lived
  3. What was London life like 150 years ago?           150 years ago London was a very unpleasant place
  4. When did poor children start working?                Poor children started working when they were 6
  5. What happened if their parents died?  If their parents died, children went to the workhouse
  6. What is a workhouse?  A workhouse is a place where children worked 10 to 12 hours a day for little food and where many children died
  7. What was Dickens’ life like?       Dickens’ life was very hard life
  8. What happened to his parents?                              His parents lost all their money so he started working at the age of 12
  9. How far was the factory where he worked from his house?      The factory was 10 km from his house
  10. How much did he earn per week?          He earned 30 p a week
  11. What did he do later?   Later he became a journalist and he reported events in Parliament
  12. What did he write?        He wrote parliamentary events in the morning and novels afternoon
  13. Did he earn a lot of money?      No he didn’t. He didn’t earn a lot of money
  14. How many novels did he write?                              He wrote a lot of famous novels
  15. What are the titles of his novels? David Copperfield, Christmas Carrol and Great expectations
  16. What is “Oliver Twist”? Oliver  Twist is the most famous novel by Charles Dickens
  17. What is the story about?             It is about a boy’s life in the workhouse and  in the streets of London
  18. When was Charles Dickens born and when did he die?                Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and he died in 1870