Henry VIII

Complete the following text


Henry VIII


Henry (1)_____________(TO BE) born nearly five hundred years ago. England (2)________________(TO BE) very different from the country it (3)________(TO BE) today

In 1500 a lot of people (4) ________________(TO BE) farmers.

The streets (5)_____________________(TO BE) very bad. The English (6) ______________ (TO BE) great sailors, but their ships (7) _______________ (TO BE) small.

When he (8)____________ (TO BE) young he (9)_____________(TO BE) very attractive and he (10)____________(TO LIKE) sports. He (11)_______________(TO PRACTICE)  a lot of sports: wrestler, hunter, archer, tennis.

He (12)_____________(TO WRITE) and (13)______________(TO READ) 5 languages: French, Italian, Spanish English and Latin. He also (14)__________________(TO PLAY) a lot of instruments.

He (15)________________(TO COMPOSE) a lot of songs.

Henry (16) __________________(TO LOVE) children very much and he (17)_______________(TO BE) very friendly.

 When his father (18)_______________(TO DIE), in 1509, Henry (19) _________________(to beCOME) King of England and (20) __________(TO MARRY) Catherine of Aragon, his brother’s widow.

He (21)_________________ (TO TAKE) every opportunity to talk with sailors and people (22)___________________(TO MAKE)  a lot of ships.

Henry (23)_________________(TO HAVE) a lot of problems. He only(24)  ______________(TO HAVE) one daughter, Mary.  He (25)____________________(TO WANT)  to marry a another lady to have a son, but the Pope (26) ________________(TO REFUSE)  permission for his divorce.

Henry (27)______________(TO GET) furious.

With the ACT of Supremacy he (28) _________________________(TO DECLARE) himself head of the Church of England and (29) ______________(TO MARRY) ANN Boleyn. She (30)_______________(TO GIVE) him a daughter, Elizabeth.

Because of this fact  England (31) ______________________(TO CHANGE) religion. It (32)_____________(TO BE) no longer a Catholic Country.

Very soon he (33) _______________________(TO GET) tired of Ann Boleyn and (34)___________________(TO ORDER) her execution. The day after he (35) ______________(TO EXECUTE) Ann he (36) _____________(TO MARRY) Jane Seymour, who (37)______________(TO GIVE) him a son, Edward VI but she (38)________________(TO DIE) after one year. His fourth wife  (39) __________________(TO BE) Anne of Cleves, his fifth wife (40) __________________(TO BE) Catherine Howard. When he (41) _____________________(TO BE) 50 he (42)_______________________(TO GET) very fat because he (43) ______________________(TO EAT) too much.

His last wife  (44) _____________(TO BE) Catherine Paar who (45) _____________________(TO SURVIVE) him.                                                                        [      /45]


Italiano                           infinitive                simple past                     past participle