Emmelin and Christabel Punkurst
The First World War was the cause of the growing female emancipation.

What did the I world war cause?

Who founded the women social and political Union?

In 1903 Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter Christabel founded the Women’s Social and Political Union.

What does “suffrage” MEAN?

the suffrage is the right to vote and the suffragette is a woman who wants that right

WHAT DID Emmelin and her daughter do to let themselves heard?

To let themselves heard they chained themselves to railings, broke windows and screamed “Votes for Women”.
What did the ladies do when they were sent to prison?

Numerous militant were sent to prison and some of them adopted the hunger-strike tactics.

When did the granting of women suffrage come?
The granting of women’s suffrage came in 1918.

When did women get the right to divorce?
In 1923 with the Matrimonial Causes Act they had right to divorce.

When could women control their propery?

1926 The New English Law of Property permitted women’s control on their property.

Were women paid like the men after the great war?

Equally important were the growing employment opportunities. Many of the women recruited for factory work during the Great War  were substituted by men with the coming of peace, but a lot of women continued to work  and they were paid less than male.

What is the difference between the edwardian clothes and fashion after 1919?

In contrast with the elaborate dress and ample curves of the Edwardian era, from 1919 the “boyish” figure was “in”, with underwear designed to flatten the bossom and clothes which abolished the waistline.

What is the difference between the way women wore their hair before and after 1914?

The general fashion before 1914 was for long hair, but after the war there was a triumph of short hair.