Halloween story


It was a dark and foggy night in ..........


There was  strong smell of vinegar in the streets.


The only sounds you could hear were the OWLS in the distance, the HOUNTED HOUSE on the corner with its CREAKY DOORS and THUNDER and LIGHTNING was very frightening.


From time to time, the CART of the CLOWN  KILLER walked through the streets, often chased by the GHOSTS that made a terrible the noice of their CHAINS.


In the city library, someone turned a page too loudly and the LIBRARIAN said, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! . 


Meanwhile in the street  you could see the infamous gang of MAD SCIENTISTS who you were makong experiments and you will never know with certainty what they were preparing.


SUDDENLY, in the DARK you could hear thousands RATS running out of their dens.... and you could hear the sound of theRATTLESNAKES moving around, crowling here and there!


They climbed the stairs of the library.


The RATS and  the SNAKE  slipped on the tables.


one of the SNAKES exclaimed - in my opinion, that boa the librarian  wears around her neck is really THIGHT-!!!!!!!!!-


Guess what the LIBRARIAN SAID? 


SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!_ SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!_                    TRUE !!!!!!!!


Outside you could hear more and more OWLS.   The CART of the CLOWN KILLER approached the crossing roads, followed by GHOSTS.


When they reached the crossroads, the CLOWN KILLER who was driving the cart, lit the harrow on the right.


Strangely, his cart turned left! The truck slid on the brakes behind them and BABABOOOOM!


There was a HUGE bang!


All the GHOSTS fell down.


The MAD SCIENTISTS came running to the corner to see what had happened.


Just then, the STORM  on the HOUNTED HOUSE, spread throughout the city.


The librarian, the SNAKES and the MICE  thought that the best place to find a shelter  was in the library.

And also all the OWLS flew into the library. They started fluttering on the ceiling.


The EVIL SCIENTISTS  headed for the physics sections and began arguing over where they were going to get the 3.14 pumpkin pie.


The CLOWNS got into the  library and the GHOSTS followed shortly  thereafter ...


The LIBRARIAN was hopelessly saying over and over again SSSSHHHHHHH! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHH! and for a while at least ALL OF THE SOUNDS WERE GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME! ....




The OWLS went back to the trees, the HAUNTED HOUSE  brought its storm back home again, the EVIL SCIENTISTS 

went back to their corner, the GHOSTS got back in their truck, the clown killer eventually all made it back into their little clown car , and the MICE and the SNAKES  went back to their dens.


And the LIBRARIAN??? 


WELL, she looked arond the library at the floating feathers, the slime on the books, the overturned tables, the broken chairs...and then, suddenly she SCREAMED (everybody screams)