bullismo 3

 Yesterday the mother of two boys: one13 yrs old and the other 14 yrs old reported to the police station two boys (14 yrs) and one of their friends (13yrs) because they have been persecuting her children all the year at school and outside the school. 
Last year she went to the headmaster to speak about what happened, the boys were called and were reprimanded, but the situation got worse.

After she reported to the headmaster, the two boys made a booby trap to the lady in the street and obliged the two brothers to give them the key access of their facebook and sent all their friends insulting messages, also to a priest. This school year they have started doing it again and the mother of the two boys is very sad and she doesn’t know what to do. She has spent a long time so far wondering how she could solve the problems of her children. The school has not solved the problem, so she has decided to report all to the police station. The police has called the three boys and their parents and they have admitted their guilt, but they are too young so the police can’t persecute them.

The boys have promised they will stop bullying around.


Bullish attitudes are growing everywhere near Pavia.

Mostly it happens at school, but also outside the school: on the bus, on the train, everywhere.

Victims usually don’t dare to tell it to their parents.