Valentino Rossi

"I can get isolated from everything else, nobody made me like this, nobody taught it to me. Track racing just comes naturally"

Valentino Rossi was born in Urbino on 16th February 1979
He is an Italian racing motorcyclist.
He is one of the biggest pilots
He has been world champion for many times.
He is unrivalled in the story of motorcycling and he won world champion titles in four different
classes 125 250 500 and motoGP
he won the title in two consecutive years with two different makes HONDA and YAMAHA
he holds the record of consecutive platforms: 23 in MOTO GP, six competitions in 2002, sixteen competitions in 2003 and the unforgettable "welkom" competition in 2004
his most common nicknames are THE DOCTOR and VALENTINIK
he has always used his luky number, 46, for his motorbyke
He said "it’s nice to have a personal name and number, because you are recognizable"
He usually celebrates his triumphs with strange ideas: lap of honour with an inflated doll, a visit in the officers toilets, the high speeding FINE by a false patrol policeman at the MUGELLO and the celebration of the seventh world title in Sepang in 2005 with his fans dressed like the seven dwarfs.