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Date                                                                                                     Class 3C



Exercise 1


Fill in the gaps by choosing from the list of verbs


1. Leader  2. microphone  3. powerful  4. mind  5. truth  6. need  7. against  8. automaton


1.       If you speak in the ___________________they will listen to you better. 

2.       He has a large strong body, he has ____________________muscles.

3.       We are going to play ________________the champions of the world.

4.       He acts in a mechanical manner, without thinking. He looks like an ______________

5.       Martin Luther King was the __________________of a campain to stop racial discrimination

6.       I think he said the ___________________ to his layer. He can’t be the killer

7.       If you want to learn English, you should learn words by heart. Keep it in  your ____________



Exercise 2


fill in the gaps by choosing from the list of verbs


to manipulate   to adapt  to change  to share  to appreciate  to stare


1.       This text is too difficult for your students, you should __________it to them

2.       He ____________at me. I didn’t stand his fixed look

3.       My teacher recognizes my good qualities, she really ____________me

4.       As an astute politician he knows how to _______________public opinion              

5.       Mark and Mary think that negroes are inferior to whites. They _________the same idea

6.       The ship _____________the course and began to travel in a different direction


Exercise 3


Translate the following verbs


1.       to see

2.       to forbid (forbidden)

3.       to know (unknown)

4.       to rewrite

5.       to keep

6.       to think

7.       to meet



esercizio 4


listen carefully and underline the word you hear from the voice of the teacher


1.       to see / to sit / to sing

2.       sight / fight / write

3.       forbidden / forgive /forbid

4.       know / now / known

5.       kilt / keep / king

6.       think / thick / thin

7.       milk / meet / mean

8.       adapt / adopt / a doctor