Boarding school

In 1980s schools had some storeys. The ground floor was for infants, the first floor was for girls and the top floor was for boys. Each floor had a large hall where there were three Standards (Classes) in each standard there were about 40 boys. Standard 1 was for boys aged 7, standard 2 was for boys aged 8 and so on. A boy had to pass an examination  before he could pass a standard.

The subjects were the 3 Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic- singing, drawings, history, geography and object lessons. Object lessons taught the boys to observe and reason.

The teachers were very young and if a boy behaved badly they sent them to the headmaster to be hit.

Eaton is a public school, though it is so expensive that only rich family can afford the fees.

In this school headmasters were not soft with pupils. Food was not very good, and every morning they had to take a cold bath. They had games in he afternoon. Rugby in winter and cricket in summer.  If it rained they went out for a run.

The older boys learnt to give orders and the younger learnt to obey.

The boys also had to learn the Classics: Latin and Greek which were very boring for lots of the pupils.