Frasi che il prof. non vorrebbe sentire

by the headmaster
- did you take the minutes of the meeting?
- are you on time with the programme?
- why did you touch that topic without asking the permission of the other teachers?
- meeting tomorrow!
- have you got all the tests of your pupils?
- mind what you say in the classroom!
- mind what you say to the parents!
- there is no money for your projects!
- it's dangerous what you want to do!
by the parents
- you hate my son!
- your job is not good!
- you should work better!
- it's not use the way you work!
- your assessment of my child was not right!
- why don't you give your pupils more homework?
by the collegues
- you shouldn't let your pupils play during the lesson!
- you should call them by their surnames, so they will respect you!
- you shouldn't let them sing!
- you should let them write more!
- how did you dare to teach my subject during your lessons?
- this is not your school!
- we can speak as we wish with our pupils because we teach here since 20 years ago! you don't!
- it is dangerous what you do!
by the pupils
- I forgot my book and my notebook
- I forgot to let my mum sign the test
- I have lost my test
- I didn't know we had this homework!
- I didn't know what we had to do for this exercise
- you hate me!
- it's not up to me!
 by my husband
- you are always thinking about the school!
- you spend too much for the school!
- you aren't so strict with your students as you are with your son!
by my grand-dad and grand-mum
 - ah! I wish it was Mussolini time!
- you shouldn't let your pupils enjoy the lessons!
- they must work hard and suffer on their books!
- you should be more strict with your pupils!
- you must work only with their book!