Letter by the mother to the son (Z.C., LB. GC., P.G., P.R.)

Berlin (Germany)

15th May 1943

Dear Joan,

We expect your return, Your father is unhealthy, but he will soon recover.
In your last letter, you told me about an argument you had with one of your fellows. You shouldn't make bad friends.
You are always in our heart. Your sister got married and now she is pregnant. They are going to call the baby Joan, like you. Do you like it? is it a good idea?
Well, we hope the war will stop soon.
All the family love you!
Is Maria still working there as a nurse? Have you met her again?
Please, reply to me, soon.

Your mother Giuseppina loves you a lot!

p.s. together with this letter you will receive a pair of socks. I made them myself!