Letter by the soldier to his mother (J.L. B.M., K.M.)


Auschwitz January 25th 1945

dear Mum,
thank you for your letter, I'm very happy you're fine.
The biscuits you sent me last week were delicious and I'm very happy that my sister has a new child.

Now, I will tell you about me.
I am in Auschwitz in Austia, I'm missing you, my family and my friends too much.
Here, life is very hard and the weather is cold and I'm feeling colder because we are making war all the day long. I can see my mates dying everytime, but don't worry about me because I am ok.
Mum, can you make a pair of woollen socks for me? because here it is freezing cold.
I'm looking forward to come back home and to hug you all.
I want you to answer this letter very soon and tell me about what is going on at home.
I miss you!
hope to see you soon
bye bye
your beloved son

p.s. can you send me some more food?