Earth is a very special planet because it is the only planet known to have life.
Only Earth has the necessity to support life – water, air, moderate temperatures and suitable air pressure. Earth is about 92,960,000 miles from the sun and is 7,926 miles in diameter. Its highest recorded temperature was 136°F in Lybia and the lowest was  -127°F in Antarctica.
Venus is known as Earth’s “twin” because the two planets are so similar in size.
The earth spins about an imaginary line that is drawn from the North Pole to the South Pole through the center using of the Earth. This line is called Earth’s axis. Instead of using the word “spin”, we say that the Earth rotates on it axis.

The Earth rotates once every 24 hours. The part of the Earth facing the sun experiences day. The side that is away from the sun’s light experiences night.

The seasons change because the Earth is titled like the leaning tower of Pisa. As the Earth orbits the sun, it stays tilting in the same direction in space.
When the north Pole is tiltling toward the sun, the days become warmer and longer. It is summer. Six months later, the North Pole tilts away from the sun. The days become cooler and shorter. It is winter

Draw a picture of the sun and a picture of the Earth leaning during summer