Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.

It is difficult to see Neptune – even through a telescope. It is almost three billion miles from Earth.

Scientists believe that Neptune is much like Uranus – made of rocks, iron, ice and gases.


Neptune has eight moons. Scientists believe that it may also have several rings.

Neptune is so far away from the sun that it takes 164 Earth years for it to orbit the sun just once!

Scientists still know very little about this cold and distant planet.

On Neptune temperature is about –353° F


Write, circle or unscramble:


Neptune is the sixth / eighth planet from the sun.

Earth is almost three million / billion miles from Neptune

People know very litle / very much about Neptune

Telescopes are used to see Neptune.

Uranus and Neptune are made of: rock / soap / gases / ice

Neptune is a warm / cold and distant / near planet.

Every orbit aroud the _________________takes Neptune 164 Earth years




Draw 8 moons around Neptune.