Did you know that Uranus was first thought to be a comet?

Many scientists studied the mystery comet. It was soon decided that Uranus was a planet. It was the first planet to be discovered through a telescope.

Scientists believe that Uranus is made of rock and metal with gas and ice surrounding it.

Equator on Uranus goes through the poles so it spins up side down.


Even through  a telescope, Uranus is not easy to see. That is because it is almost two billion miles from the sun that lights it. It takes Uranus 84 Earth years to orbit the sun!

There are still many mysteries about this faraway planet.

Temperature on Uranus is about –357°F

Uranus has at least five small satellites moving around it. Their names are Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Tatania and Oberon. They are 292,721,727,982 and 945 miles in diametre, respectively.

There are ten thin rings sorrounding Uranus


Draw ten thin rings around Uranus.