Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It has six-teen moons. Jupiter is the second-brightest planet, only Venus is brighter.
Jupiter is bigger and heavier than all of the other planets together. It is covered with thick clouds. Many loose rocks and dust particles form a single, thin, flat ring around Jupiter.
One of the most fascinating things about Jupiter is its Great Red Spot. It is about 25,000 miles long and about 20,000 miles wide. The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is a huge storm in the atmosphere. It looks like a red ball. This giant storm is larger than Earth! Every six days it goes completely around Jupiter.
Wherease Saturn claims 18 satellites, Jupiter has only 16 known satellites.
Jupiter is also called the sweeper planet because its force of gravity captures everything passing by it. It's biggest moon is called IO and it is almost as big as the Earth.
Jupiter has no solid surface but is made of liquid and gases that are held together by gravity